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Harvey: I have been trying to invest for last 6 years but without tangible progress. After I joined I have my first single family in 3 months. Couldn't be more thankful.
Justin: Should I get an LLC or buy my name?
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James: I bought 4 units in 2020-2021 and then ran out of capital and knowledge to scale. The institutional level knowledge I learned gave me immense confidence. Have 12 more doors now
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Stefan: I have doubled my investor clients from all over the country
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Wilson: Main security around financial modelling is totally dissolved after seeing so many non financial background own underwriting.
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Jackson: How do I estimate rent projections in this market with rising interest rates?
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What I love about the way Vidit teaches is that he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure a concept is clearly understood and that you’re building an accurate and helpful base knowledge. Vidit will literally invent new ways of thinking from scratch if it will help a concept stick, even if it’s 10x more work for him.

When I’m learning something from Vidit, I know it’s being taught the best way it possibly could be. There’s no person I’d trust more to learn the fastest way to grow in REI.

Tabari Matthews ~Beta User

60% discount ends Mar 30

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You get a full year access at a steep discount if you sign up in the pre-sale period. The full year will start once I release the platform in Feb/March. For example - if you buy pre-sale on Feb 1 and the community is released on March 15, your full year access will be from Mar 15 2023 to Mar 14 2024.

Why isn't there a monthly plan?

Paying a higher annual fee vets the most driven investors and filters out noise from folks with no long term intent.

I am not seeing the value for the cost

If you have tried investing, you will find that it could take months if not years to get your first rental. Most people give up way before. The content and the sense of community will keep you educated and motivated to move fast. Not to mention, you will save thousands by getting access to high quality documents. If you still do not see any value after trying for a month, just email me and I'll refund :)

Do I get early access with the pre-sale?

Yes, I am planning on giving every pre-sale buyer access before the general release in March.

What is different about this community?

3 things:

1)The focus on only high growth strategies for deal finding, structuring and capital raising
2)Only high quality and actionable content
3)Highly engaging driven investors.

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A community for investors seeking fastest growth

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Does this sound like you?

I feel overwhelmed by information and want someone to curate the best wisdom out there for me.

I have no idea how to start investing remotely in other states. How do I even pick the right area?

There’s so much information out there. How do I choose what to read, and what to spend my time on?

I have a couple rentals but now I am stuck. How do I find more deals in a competitive market and how do I find capital

I have no financial background, and I am scared I am not analyzing my investments correctly

I am feeling a tremendous fear of failure, which is holding me back from starting.

Out of hundreds I have met, only few make progress. While it's easier than ever to access info, it's harder than ever to grow your portfolio.

Most investors have two challenges

1) Getting the first income producing property
2) Growing after when the capital or deals run out.

This is why I built this community to share my unique strategies and get other driven investors to inspire and educate to help you grow quickly.

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