A chrome extension to find cash on cash return of a listing on the spot.

I was spending hours every week copying and pasting information from new listings into my excel  calculator to decide whether or not to offer.

I literally dreaded doing the boring analysis every single day for a couple of hours.

Because it took time, two things happened.

1) I couldn't analyze all listings and would miss amazing leads.

2) At a macro level, the analysis friction made real estate very boring for me and I started to lose motivation, which just plain slowed me down.

So I decided to hack together a lightweight chrome plugin, that gives me the ROI on the spot when I am checking out the listing. It

  • scrapes the data from Zillow including the rent estimate.
  • calculates the cash on cash return(most important indicator for me) on the spot based on your pre-entered expenses.
  • If you like the return, you can copy the info and paste it in your funnel to follow up on.

Super light weight, and quick.

Now I use it for two main use cases

1) To quickly analyze listings as discussed above.

2) To find cash flowing markets across the country, because I can see what COC is like for a market, very quickly.

Get the Extension Here

P.S - I should mention I have not focused on design just functionality. Hope it helps!

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